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Bounce-Back Magic: The Plastic Post That Wont Let You Down!

Title: Plastic Post Bounce Back Strength: Durable and Resilient

Have you ever witnessed how resilient and strong a recycled plastic fence picket can be?

It’s hard to imagine but it’s both incredible and inspiring to watch. Today, I want to share with you the results of an experiment that highlights the amazing consequences of hard work and innovation. It’s like a story of rags-to-riches but in this case its more like plastic waste to resilience and the results are not only impressive, but they’ll silence even the harshest of critics.

In some ways fencing has come a long way over the years with innovation driving the creation of some new and exciting products. But for some reason we can become stuck in a paradigm of doing things the way we always have, resulting in the same continuing fencing frustrations we witness as we travel through this vast land. Steel star pickets rust away and start to lean due to heavy stock pressure, to the point where they must be replaced over and over again. This is not only hard work but becomes an ongoing costly maintenance problem that never seems to go away!

Why do we seem to be stuck on this merry-go-round of fast-food fencing?

Buying the same band-aid solution fencing materials time and time again, unwilling to look outside of what we’ve ‘always done’? Why do we keep creating the same headache over and over, thinking each time we drive another steel picket into the ground that ‘this’ll fix the problem’, when deep down we know it’s a temporary fix anyway? Well, it’s time to consider the EnduraPost Square Picket, which if we haven’t seen in the flesh before, we might dismiss as just another weak and insignificant plastic gimmick, that won’t last and won’t be strong enough for my livestock. But as we know, first impressions can be deceiving, and this humble plastic post is about to reveal its secret superpower. In fact, it has multiple superpowers that not many people even appreciate.

Not only will the EnduraPost Square Picket defeat the powers of corrosion as it will never rust or rot away because its 100% rust proof. It’s also 100% insulated meaning they don’t need extra add-on’s to build an incredibly powerful, maintenance free electric fence. They’re UV treated twice over with enough treatment to last generations, and they’re strong enough to mechanically drive into the ground, where they will no longer need to be removed or replaced.

Never underestimate Aussie innovation.

These Aussie made new kids on the block are not just solving one problem we have in fencing, they’re solving multiple problems all at once. And, for those of you that might be thinking that their probably not strong enough for my stud bulls. Watch the video and you will see for yourself just how they perform. It’s a display of the incredible bounce-back strength that other materials including steel star pickets just don’t possess. And that’s no bull!

So, if you’re tired of the ongoing maintenance trying to keep your fencing upright, and the cost and effort that’s involved in doing so. Then give EnduraPost Square Pickets a go. You won’t be disappointed because EnduraPost is real value for the long run.

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