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Water Saver Tree Guard

Durable & Sustainable

Water Saver Tree Guard- Heavy 3mm or Extra Heavy Duty 5mm wall thickness in Black or Dark Green

EnduraPost Water Saver tree guards are ideal for concentrating water and fertiliser around the root zone of trees to promote stronger healthier, faster growth and plant survival. The recycled plastic collar sits at the base of a plant to prevent water run-off, saving water and retaining mulch to decrease evaporation and improve the survival of new plants.

The Water Saver also helps establish trees on sloping sites, allows easier weed control and protects vulnerable plants from whipper snipper or lawn mower damage.  It is simple to assemble and the ring size can be easily adjusted to suit the size of your plant. By acting as a water well, it is ideal for deeply watering all plants, trees, shrubs and vegetables.

EnduraPost Water Savers have an EXTRA Heavy Duty (5mm) wall and are available in two heights (200mm or 300mm) and three diameters (600/900/1250mm), holding from 56L up to a huge 368L of water! The product can be easily moved and re-used multiple times and is recyclable at end of life.

Ideal for landscapers, urban developers, contractors and councils in preserving water to assist plant establishment and maintenance. Plus they’re made Plastic Forests in Australia from 100% recycled plastic so they’re great for the environment.


Water Saver Tree Guards

Embrace the

Benefits of EnduraPost Water Saver Tree Guards

Good For The eNvironment


Australia has a huge environmental issue when it comes to plastic waste with literally mountains of it going into landfill, being stockpiled or sent overseas to become someone else’s problem. 

Recycling soft plastic waste into a usable & beneficial product has always been challenging, but EnduraPost is one of the great recycling success stories. 

Made from 100% recycled plastic waste by Plastic Forests (an award-winning Australian innovator and manufacturer of recycled products), EnduraPost is an environmentally sustainable product, which responsibly addresses the plastic waste problem in Australia’s backyard.  

Even when EnduraPost products come to the end of its long life, it too will be 100% recyclable.





Specifications – Extra Heavy Duty – 5mm wall thickness 

Circle Diameter (max)600mm600mm900mm900mm1250mm1250mm
Plastic strip length2m2m3m3m4m4m
  • Colour: Black, Dark or Green
  • Includes screws and rubber seal
  • Required for simple assembly a hammer & phillips head/cross head screwdriver or an electric drill.

Additional Benefits of Water Saver tree rings:

  • Time and water-saving
  • Funnels water and nutrients to the root zone for superior survival, drought resistance and growth
  • Retain mulch for decreased evaporation
  • Protect plants against damage from whipper snippers and lawn mowers (see below)
  • Eliminate water run-off, particularly on sloping areas, compacted ground or hydrophobic soil
  • Concentrate mulch and fertiliser, reduce bird scatter and deter pests
  • Can be filled directly from a Council watering truck, saving time and money

The Aussie Recycling that’s making a difference.

EnduraPost Square Products are born in the bush, made by Plastic Forests in Albury NSW. Did you know that for every kg of plastic produced in the world approximately 6kg of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere? Sadly, most manufactured plastic is single use, ending up as a huge problem and a huge cost only to be dumped. EnduraPost are helping reclaim and reuse discarded Aussie plastic waste one Path Edge at a time. Each meter of Path Edge contains approximately 2.4kg of reclaimed plastic waste, which is equivalent to 1 x Bulk fertilizer bag or 3 silage bale wraps or 12 x animal feed bags that would otherwise sadly end up in landfill. Plastic Forests are the first in the world to create a super-efficient way to dry clean the waste before reshaping them into the fit-for-purpose EnduraPost products. Positive thinking can really produce positive outcomes for us all.

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Endura Post Pickets Are...


Will not corrode, rot or rust in acidic, alkaline or saline soils

Increased Strength

Composed of a polymer mineral composite for increased strength

Termite proof and bacteria resistant

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UV stabilised

for long outdoor life

Fully insulated

For easy electrification of any or all wires – no insulators required

Easy Install

Quick to install with a manual or petrol post driver, and a drivable point. Pre-drilled holes for easy installation with wire or mesh. Easy to work with – can be screwed, drilled or sawed like timber


Ideal for swampy, coastal, wet or flood-prone areas

Never need painting

Low maintenance and repair costs – never need painting


Perfect to combine with our larger steel-reinforced PLUS Posts (110mm x 110mm) or Droppers for a smart, uniform fence with no untidy clips or need for insulators


Manufactured using recycled post-consumer soft plastics, in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14021


Sustainable – manufactured using recycled post-consumer soft plastics, in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14021

Australian Made

Since 2010 we have recycled

0 +

kgs of plastic.

Why Endura Post is your best investment

Our plastic mineral composite 38mm x 38mm Square Pickets are sturdy, drivable and long lasting.  Fully insulated, rust and termite-free, these solid Square Pickets are suitable for a wide range of fencing and landscaping applications, similar to steel star pickets (also known as Y-posts or T-posts).   Made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic and a mineral blend for increased strength, they offer a sustainable solution to the plastic problem.