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About Company

Our Story

EnduraPost is an Aussie business, built from the ground up with brothers Dave and Matt Oliver having grown up in the bush experiencing life in the western blocks (Western QLD, NSW, VIC & WA to be precise). Having been part of a family that has owned and share-farmed everything from wheat with sheep and cattle to dairy and more recently assisting with the running of two large stations with rangeland goats.

Farming is in their blood and is what they know, its one of their passions in life. Having experienced firsthand, they understand that if you own land then you have fences to upkeep.  That the frustration and costs associated with redoing fences is always on the rise. 

Part of being a land owner means that you really care about the land and the communities you live in.  When you come across amazing fit-for-purpose products that make the job better or easier or more efficient, you get excited.  For example, the fertilizer bulka bag is an amazing invention because it’s fit-for-purpose and makes the job so much easier and more efficient.  But sadly it’s single use and often ends up in the bin, or left to rot in the farm dump or even worse burned.

Most people wants to do the right thing and feel good about getting involved in recycling and just being part of creating a circular economy.  EnduraPost now has products that rescue mountains of discarded waste like bulka bags and turns them into amazing fit-for-purpose fencing products.  The square pickets and dropper have been in development since 2020, tested and released in January 2023.

EnduraPost has ignited another passion in the brothers journey in life. Get on board and join them create a more sustainable future together.

The Idea

Make sure what you buy is sustainable and fit-for-purpose.