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Rural Square Pickets

EnduraPost Square Picket is an Australian made plastic mineral composite recycled fence post designed as a direct replacement for the old timber or steel star picket used in rural fencing.

A New Way

Making fence posts last a lifetime in the harsh Australian climate

EnduraPost Square Pickets are made from 100% recycled plastic and a mineral blend for increased strength and longevity. It is incredibly tough, durable, drivable and fully-insulated, making it ideal for almost any kind of rural fence.

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Good For The eNvironment


Australia has a huge environmental issue when it comes to plastic waste with literally mountains of it going into landfill, being stockpiled or sent overseas to become someone else’s problem. 

Recycling soft plastic waste into a usable & beneficial product has always been challenging, but EnduraPost is one of the great recycling success stories. 

Made from 100% recycled plastic waste by Plastic Forests (an award-winning Australian innovator and manufacturer of recycled products), EnduraPost is an environmentally sustainable post, which responsibly addresses the plastic waste problem in Australia’s backyard.  

Even when EnduraPost comes to the end of its long life, it too will be 100% recyclable.

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Benefits of EnduraPost Square Pickets


Technical Specifications

Pricing RRP

EP_1650-38×38 – $13.20 (ea) incl gst.  Or, $2’541.00 (210pk) incl gst.   

EP_1800-38×38 – $13.75 (ea) incl gst.  Or, $2’656.50 (210pk) incl gst.  

Price excluding freight/shipment.

Bulk pricing available upon request. 


Easy Installation

EnduraPost Square Picket can be easily installed using manual or mechanical drivers and can be sawn, drilled and screwed. In hard or rocky ground, simply make a pilot hole with a 35mm x 450mm masonry drill bit to clear rocks or roots before installing. Designed as an inline post (not suitable as a weight-bearing post or strainer), EnduraPost can support all forms of wire, including plain, barbed, hinge-joint and barrier-mesh fencing.  It is also great for creating mesh tree-guards around newly planted trees.

The Aussie Square Picket that’s making a difference.

EnduraPost Square Pickets are born in the bush, made by Plastic Forests in Albury NSW. Did you know that for every kg of plastic produced in the world approximately 6kg of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere? Sadly, most manufactured plastic is single use, ending up as a huge problem and a huge cost only to be dumped. EnduraPost Square Pickets are helping reclaim and reuse discarded Aussie plastic waste one picket at a time. Each picket contains approximately 2.4kg of reclaimed plastic waste, which is equivalent to 1 x Bulk fertilizer bag or 12 x animal feed bags that would otherwise sadly end up in landfill. Plastic Forests are the first in the world to create a super-efficient way to dry clean the waste before reshaping them into the fit-for-purpose EnduraPost Square Picket. Positive thinking can really produce positive outcomes for us all.


Frequently Ask Questions

EnduraPost Square Pickets and Droppers are solid recycled PP (polypropylene)plastic.

Whilst it is possible to break them it is not easy to do so.  This is because they are made from recycled woven polypropylene which is extremely tough.  They are extruded and pressurized into a mold which further increases their strength and durability. They are made to be handled in the same way as wooden or steel pickets are.  If they are breaking easily, please contact EnduraPost.

They have been tested to withstand fire up to 350⁰C which is usually hotter than a grass fire that normally reaches between 200-250⁰C.  Some larger bush fires can burn hotter particularly if the fuel load is wood.  Keeping wood away from fence lines should provide adequate protections, meaning that if a fire happens to pass through it is likely going to be a grass only fire.  They are also NOT susceptible to ember attacks unlike wood. 

They have been treated with a UV treatment to last 50+ years 

Although they are made of plastic, they are not going to bend over in the hot sun.  Plastic can change shape when there are temperature differences from one side to the other.  If pickets are laid down on the ground in direct sunlight, they may start to warp or bend but that is because the polymers move due to temperature variations from one side to the other.  If this occurs, you can turn them over and they will straighten once again.  This does not impact the strength or durability of the picket, and once they have been driven into place the temperature variations are not severe enough for them to warp or bend.

Although the photos show plain wire run through the holes, many prefer to use the holes to tie back to instead.  Both methods work well for plain wire, whereas, for barbed wire or hinge-joint / ring-lock simply tie back to the appropriate holes provided.

Yes, they are tough and can be driven using mechanical or motorized drivers, or, by hydraulic drivers.

As they are made from plastic, we only recommend they are used as an in-line picket.  They are not suitable as a weight bearing post like a strainer or in-line stiff post.  It’s recommended that EnduraPost Square Pickets be combined with Concrete End Strainers or similar.  Then we recommend that a concrete line post or similar is installed as support after every 4 to 6 EnduraPost Square Pickets in a straight line, or, when the fence should make a turn.

They are slightly harder to drive in due to the surface area difference compared to steel pickets.

For stony or very hard ground we recommend helping them by predrilling a pilot hole using a 35mm x 450mm masonry drill before driving them in.

Due to their unique design allowing them to have some flex with strong memory bounce back, they do not typically loosen in the ground. For this reason they also do not need to be inserted into the ground as deeply, we recommend a min 300mm is sufficient for most applications in most soil types.

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EnduraPost Pickets Are...


Will not corrode, rot or rust in acidic, alkaline or saline soils

Increased Strength

Composed of a polymer mineral composite for increased strength

Termite proof and bacteria resistant

Termites wont eat them and they are non-porous so there is nowhere for bacteria to hide

UV stabilised

for long outdoor life

Fully insulated

For easy electrification of any or all wires – no insulators required

Easy to install

Use the same driving methods


Ideal for swampy, coastal, wet or flood-prone areas

Never need painting

Low maintenance and repair costs – never need painting

Tidy and look great

Perfect to combine with our larger PLUS Posts (110mm x 110mm) or Droppers for a smart, uniform fence with no untidy clips or need for insulators


Manufactured using recycled post-consumer soft plastics, in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14021


100% recycled and fully recyclable at end of life

Australian Made

Since 2010 we have recycled

0 +

kgs of plastic.

Why Endura Post is your best investment

Our plastic mineral composite 38mm x 38mm Square Pickets are sturdy, drivable and long lasting.  Fully insulated, rust and termite-free, these solid Square Pickets are suitable for a wide range of fencing and landscaping applications, similar to steel star pickets (also known as Y-posts or T-posts).   Made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic and a mineral blend for increased strength, they offer a sustainable solution to the plastic problem.